Old McDonald Meets the Natural Splendor of Northeastern North Carolina

Tracts I, J and K are proposed to launch the "Natural Living" maxim to that level of credulity where it works for all parties participating.

    Owner /Developer Update: Until further notice, we have ceased planning any immediate activity to develop this farm, nature trails and other activities on this sprawling northeast corner tract, and instead I intend to put our energies and efforts in the slow development of certain tracts located in the southwestern region of the property, where it can be better noticed, and hopefully thrive.

    Hence, combining a tiny, but complex farming operation laced throughout the entire 426 acres, encouraging all prospective inhabitants, and commercial proprietors to use the good earth to grow small plots, while offering some small community sections to exhibit a community bonding need to create small harvests of edible plants, full of enriching vitamins, while having a more natural avenue to fresh air and exercise. Considering the lay of the land and that the vast majority of this entire tract is in some stage of timber, very small sections will need to be cultivated, with that plan worked throughout the entire tract, as intrusive measure by humankind are foisted upon this extra natural diversity of land hosting and equally diverse animal kingdom.

    Only minutes from Greenville and Washington, we offer these unique high lots (no flood insurance) above the wide waters within the Pamlico Estuary, where one can build their dream home, where just a short walk or bike ride down Moore's beach Road there exists massive views of both the Chocowinity Bay and the Pamlico River. Including the abundance of community trails, it is truly panoramic in scope.
The Deeded Access Lot, with over 151' of frontage on Chocowinity Bay /Pamlico River, and quite large at .85 acre, is viewed here from the southwest side of the lot west of community access lot, where we view the Pamlico River. The community access lot has a boat ramp with a pier in place: Above. Also, as part of this natural community that is in the embryonic state of its creation, are many views of a grand natural ponding of water, where over 26.3 miles of mostly wooded nature trails will intersect as a contiguous course throughout this large tract: Below.     photos by Stan Deatherage     Click images to expand.

    Near the long stretches of state maintained roads bounding this 426 acre wooded, water assesible tract, will be offered, in wait, for commercial ventures since the proximity of this land, and while these intended purposes of alluring humans to this place as a destination point are well into planning. Beyond luring residential inhabitants, I will be seeking to attract mostly restaurants and professional services groups that could employ the accessibility of being 2.5 miles east from the bypass exchange of the most traveled road in eastern North Carolina - Highway 17 (north to south of entire state) - and easy access from what may soon be the most traveled west to east road in southern Beaufort County - Old Blounts Creek Road. A case in point, I intend to one day move my Symbiotic Networks, Inc. (SNI) to a small campus situation, where we can be close to Old Blounts Creek Road, but stretching north into the silence of this large tract (261 acres), where Tract I occupies the southeastern edge.

Follow the provided link to this post: Collection Place for all Preserves Tracts for Sale ; scroll down tho the bottom of the page, where you will find a locational map for the property, including every plot and tract that we are currently offering.

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