Commercial Corner for Sale, in Whole, or in Part

I have a plan; a big plan to develop property, create jobs and make at least my corner of Beaufort County a better place to live.

    It is an ambitious plan, but a simple plan, however, with many working parts; and, each of these working parts are prophetically encouraged to become a implacable strand of the Gordian Knot that shall hold this evolving project in place; attract those of a like purpose.

    With any evolving project, there needs to be a solid, but evolving plan. That plan I have completed at much expense of time; time, however, spent wisely because I have held an interest in most of this land since 1989, and I have much knowledge of its potential. Now, I am perfectly primed and ready to do all I can, when I can, to put this process in motion. Currently, the entire overall plan is complete, but shall be manifested here.

     Just why do I mention the plan as I seek to market this first Tract A: Because nothing worthwhile is ever accomplished without one. In regards to real estate development, plans are not only helpful as a sales tool, they are essential to planning such necessities as: ingress and egress; wastewater management; utilities such as county water and electricity /cable; community recreation /commonly owned access to such; division between mixed uses of property - commercial /residential; and the ongoing maintenance of it all. The planning of property, while allowing for the unique pitch of the land's topographical reality shall insure the sustainability of this long term project. In short, one must work with the lay of the land, the potential of its disparate soils to produce a neighborhood that effectively utilizes the land's natural order to bring people together in a community, while minimizing impact for humans and habitat.

    To that immutable end: To stay as dry as possible when the big rains come, with "the fowl of air" remaining in natural and continual, growing cohabitation. Over the years, I have noticed that birds are the proverbial, and literal "canary in the coal mine". If birds thrive in your neighborhood, it is a reasonably healthy environment for all species, including we humans. I want that ecological maxim to remain over this 426 acres adjoining the Pamlico River, Chocowinity Bay, Rice patch Creek and Calf Creek. I firmly believe my plan will insure that practical necessity.

    To continue that ideal of humankind with extra natural surroundings cohabitation, possibly codependent where possible, will be achieved by slowly build intrusive permanent trails coursing through developable lots and planned natural space alike, and in great abundance. The key to this venture's success is to build slowly and thoughtfully by keeping the great bulk of the property in a farm like state for a variety of trees, while integrating some fruits and vegetables throughout the extra accessible project. By accessibility, I hope to effect a cohabitable purpose where nature meets commercial viability, where residential development takes a proverbial backseat, and evolves over generations.

Tract A (the only Commercial corner offered here now), the most westerly segment of Rice Patch Creek Preserve, which is a triangular Commercial corner with an inordinate abundance, in a relative sense, of hard-surfaced state maintained road frontage fronting Old Blounts Creek Road (SR 1123), is about 2.4 miles east of Hwy 17 bypass around Chocowinity, NC, and about 1 mile northeast of State Hwy. 33: Below.    map /plan by Stan Deatherage     Click image to enlarge and save at 1" : 100'.

Price for the entire Tract A is 447,200.00 before any scheduled discount for combined tracts purchased.

Initially, we will offer these first three subdivided commercial lots, Lot #5, Lot #6 and Lot #7, and will consider selling more subdivided lots, and will endure that cost to do so. Lots will be offered at a quantity discount, to interested parties should their plan be synergetic with the overall nature of the project. Pricing of these lots offered: Below.

Will subdivide at developer's expense when these three lots, currently for sale (shown above in map and pricing), are purchased at that time.

Follow the provided link to this post: Collection Place for all Preserves Tracts for Sale ; scroll down tho the bottom of the page, where you will find a locational map for the property, including every plot and tract that we are currently offering.

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