High Wooded Lots for Sale with Water Access

These four lots, subdivided from Tract H (Rice Patch Creek Preserve), are now for sale just a short walking distance from the Pamlico River, where waterfront access is available for both bathing and boating.

    And as nice as it remains to be close to the water's edge, where you can easily cast off on your kayak, or your sailfish, or your motorboat, the future possibilities abound, with deeded water access, in greater abundance to be a member of a community that will one day be known for its tens of miles of trails coursing through these high hills with all its many scenic ponds down below (this has changed - maybe temporaily - use this new map to better understand), where indigenous fish and waterfowl abound. The quiet, the natural beauty; it is infectious for nature buffs.

    To that end, this neighborhood is stressing what I have coined as "Natural Living" - the core thesis of what will be our directive of development - a directive that runs with the course of the natural character of this unique and most diverse and expansive tract of land. These communities will be built around nature's natural beauty, it's seasonal wonder, and the sense of peace that can be found when humankind meets the challenge to hold designated dominion over and, ultimately, stewardship of the land.

Follow the provided link to this post: Collection Place for all Preserves Tracts for Sale ; scroll down tho the bottom of the page, where you will find a locational map for the property, including every plot and tract that we are currently offering.

Across North Carolina: Volume XX Listings For Sale, Properties Build Your Fine Home High Above the Water's Edge

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