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    Owner /Broker's Update - 120217:    On November 12, 2017, I noticed that someone had trespassed on my property, where the well reported beaver dam crosses Calf Creek (I own all of the property where the beaver dam spanned the Calf Creek run, which created the huge scenic ponding of water as exhibited in this prior map.) While it was disconcerting to recognize that people had trapsed across my property and torn out part of nature's own creation, which did provide a lovely pond, I looked at the situation in a positive manner.

    With the pond drying up, I will be able to discern how the creek runs, and will also be able to eventually clear downed trees from the bottom land, and plant other wet natured trees as I see fit. There is a possibility that I could realign a more permanent shore line, allowing a better defined water's edge, which could allow for a broader, more robust use of the hills above the bottom land. This would take a great bit of industry to do so, and, still, at any time - if the beavers were not thoroughly poached by the trespassers - the dam could be rebuilt by these industrious creatures at sometime into the future. If the beavers are not illegally poached, and I pray that they were not, the ponding should return. If it does not, I have this new map of the hills and the bottom land to exhibit for now in the future, whence this map will suffice until I decide what to do with my bottom land property as a potential water resource, which is my right and my responsibility alone.

    For now, and into the future, the land is still being marketed, as manifested by these maps, and change will occur at some pace, as I shall assert my rights of ownership, and encourage others to own here as well.

    Also, I, and my friends who have the long-term hunting rights to my land will, begin to pay very close attention to the possibility of poachers and trespassers, and, if necessary, will prosecute all offenders that are proved as such.

    We have here multiple tracts in this one neighborhood - Rice patch Creek Preserve /Calf Creek Preserve - same Chocowinity Township; all 10 tracts with water access, and extra connected with 3 state roads, and over 26.3 miles of proposed permanent trails

This video, created by SNI Productions, represents deeded waterfront access property that is conveyable for Rice Patch Creek Preserve and Calf Creek Preserve owners: Below.

    The video of the water access (above) and the map of the property for sale, within the initial tracts for sale (below), is a fair representation of what we are hoping to do - bring folks to this destination to enjoy a multitude of purposes.

    This post is the collection place for all tracts - A, B, C, D, E, H, I, J, K, S - currently for sale, with every map /explanation linking to a larger representation of that specific property for sale, and to an expanded, evolving explanation of that property.

Across North Carolina: Volume XX Listings For Sale, Properties Four Lots Adjoining Waterfront Community Offered

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