Across North Carolina: Volume XVIII

    This is the eighteenth of a new series of images from across North Carolina from my travels, and from the long intervals that I have spent with my camera making a record of where I have been. Upon examination of these random images, I concluded that best format would be the one page arrangement, where I cut the images to 1280 pixels wide, arrayed in a wide viewed 'fancybox' series, where there is a title of explanation, and maybe a bit more, but mainly, the photo should speak rather than my words. In fact, I plan to put my words on hold for a bit here, which will be to the fine relief of a great many.

    Each series will be random and varied; however, most will center from here in eastern North Carolina, which is closer to my home in northeastern North Carolina, in the county of Beaufort, and the county seat of Washington, my home. From this perspective, we will reach out beyond the myriad waters: fresh and calm, brackish and moving, salty with powerful waves, and get to see North Carolina, where we may know it a little better, if only through images.

    This random display of images of North Carolina, made by the Tar Heel traveler, may have been revealed earlier in BCN, and when I can remember a relative series, I shall link to it; however know that this series of ongoing themes will remain that there is no theme. In this random projection of unrelated images, the series will seek its relevance, its beauty and its strength of purpose.

The Eighteenth Pictorial Trek from Here to There and Back Again

    As per usual, we begin in Beaufort County in Bath, North Carolina, the oldest town in the state.
The western front of St. Thomas Church, the oldest church in North Carolina: Above. The perfect summertime flying apparatus in biological form, the prehistoric dragonfly, can be found just about anywhere, and here in Beaufort County: Below.     photos by Stan Deatherage    Click images to expand.

    We leave Beaufort County and travel southwest to Brunswick County, where North Carolina's coast line takes a different look from Beaufort County and North Carolina's Outer Banks just to the Beaufort County's east.
Oak Island Light Station in Brunswick County: Above. The Bald Head Island Ferry passing past the waterfront of Southport, and in front of a freighter, just now entering the Cape Fear River from the Atlantic Ocean, here in Brunswick County: Below.     photos by Stan Deatherage    Click images to expand.

    We head due west to Charlotte, North Carolina, where it is football season.
Here, the Panther's middle linebacker, All Pro Luke Kuechly (number 59), rushes toward the ball to make the tackle against the Houston Texans: Above. Charlotte, North Carolina at night is a magical place - North Carolina's Emerald City: Below.     photos by Stan Deatherage    Click images to expand.

    We leave Charlotte, and head due north to Pilot Mountain State Park, where we take in the sights and a hike.
The peak, the knob of Pilot Mountain is the last mountain in the Sauratown Mountains (mostly in Surry County), and is the most western peak in this small mountain chain. You can see the Hanging Rock mountain group in the background: Above. The sheer walls of the Pilot knob can best be observed by walking under them: Below.     photos by Stan Deatherage    Click images to expand.

    We move father west and scale the mighty Blue Ridge, and witness the many natural sights within Watauga County.
Here, close to the ridge of the eastern edge of the Blue Ridge is the town of Blowing Rock, where the community orchestra plays in the city park's gazebo on this Sunday afternoon: Above. In the outer reaches of the Blowing Rock community, we have Bass Lake, where we see the Moses Cone manor house on the mountain crest along the Blue Ridge Parkway: Below.     photos by Stan Deatherage    Click images to expand.

    Bass Lake is just one of the many beautiful, majestic scenic spots in the Moses Cone Memorial Park.
Bass Lake's most elegant eloquent inhabitant - the majestic swan: Above. Along the paths /roads of Moses Cone Memorial Park, there are many vistas here, like this sunset facing south toward Calloway Peak and Grandfather Mountain: Below.     photos by Stan Deatherage    Click images to expand.

    And then back home ...
Back in Washington, NC, we watch the sunset on the Pamlico River along the Washington waterfront: Above.     photos by Stan Deatherage    Click image to expand.

    We'll do another one of these as the time becomes ready and appropriate. At your leisure, please follow this link to the growing list of this pictorial series - "Across North Carolina".

    Publisher's note: This post appears courtesy of Beaufort County Now from its Across North Carolina series.

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