Stan Deatherage says: "I Paid the Cost to be the Boss" ...

Stan Deatherage's latest real estate glamour shot: Above.
    Since my favorite soul guy, the Godfather himself, Mr. Brown, wrote that moving, and most influential, song years ago, I have always wanted to use that line. And after what I have done, and endured over the last few years, or was it decades(?), I generally say whatever I want ... when appropriate.

    I reckon the key phrase here is: "When Appropriate" - and appropriate, or appropriately said is what I endeavor to do, whenever I have that distinct opportunity to express myself, for myself, and, or for others. That is what I do, what I have done, what I will continue to do as long as God grants me the ability to draw breath here upon his Blue Jewel. That same blue jewel that I inhabit and own a piece of, and ply my part as his steward of.

    We are all stewards, or should be, of one thing or another; I prefer to be a steward of my land, my property, and, hopefully, others will do so as well. Currently, in my charge, is 426 acres in the Chocowinity Bay watershed, and is one of the contributing factors why I am dusting off my real estate Broker license (since 1984), and I will now offer my estimable services as I market my real property, and as I intend to market property for others, should that I be asked to so.

    Now, back to the expressing myself thing, the marketing thing, the distilled, yet inert knowledge of real estate thing, the stewardship thing, and why do I feel so disposed to enlighten those that might happen along upon this personal brag ... excuse me; promotion piece on why I might be your best choice for whatever service you deem 'appropriate'.

    But first, I would like to express a bit about my personal history, and you can decide whether you might wish to engage me for whatever service that I might could provide you. Understandably, while I would be perfect for some folks, as I would provide my brand of fiduciary representation, and I would possibly not work so well for others ... and I get that.

    I especially get that it will take me a while to get to the place that I appear to be a full service real estate broker to many, and why? Maybe, I am not in the habit of outrunning my proverbial supply lines; however, I am very busy with my fingers in many pies - all of then centered around the initiative of leading edge marketing campaigns on multiple platforms - so, I'll stick with the marketing, which will be the wiser motive. It really is the best way to express real property to a widening market, especially on the internet ... if you know what you are doing.

    So, there we have it, I begin back into a real estate career by developing and marketing my own property, which will remain my paramount ambition for now. If my developments turns out anything like BCN, then the county, my associates, and, maybe, even myself will be greatly enhanced. And then, it will be good to be the boss.

    We'll talk again later ... if you're interested. We'll continue to the whole personal history thing. There is plenty of time for that.

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