Deatherage & Associates was established in 1987, and was one of the charter members of the Beaufort County Board of Realtors MLS System; however, due to a redirection of alternate life fulfilling, learning experiences in alternate fields, where I did discontinue the practice of real estate in lieu of the dual fields of politics, publishing and the creation of the Cadillac version of a Content Management System - the very CMS that powers this Deatherage & Associates site, I am back in business as the titular head. The titular head searching for smart, ambitious folks to join a uniquely different approach to marketing real property, and providing the the fiduciary representation to accomplish such.

    If you find that you are: Interested in property that we are selling; interested in our wide array of real estate services, or seeking employment in marketing and sales, with the most knowledgeable purveyor of internet communication, publishing and digital outreach in northeastern North Carolina. please feel free to contact:

    Stan Deatherage. GRI, managing broker of Deatherage & Associates  •  president of Symbiotic Networks, Inc.

       Deatherage and Associates - sign up as a member and private message me  •  or,  •  email me at  • , or call me at (252) 946-2361  •  (252) 944-3905

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