Old McDonald Meets the Natural Splendor of Northeastern North Carolina

Since none of these three tracts are currently being being offered in whole, the pricing of what lots are initially being offered is shown here as per each of the three tracts - I, J, K. The pricing structure for what few lots that are being offered in Tract I are shown : Above. And then shown in the Tract J pricing schedule: Below.

    Still, every young boy Downeast wants to grow up to be a farmer ... or ... maybe a fireman? And, "natural living" is the theme of choice, and cultivation of the soil, in some measure, will be the overarching priority - create the proper soil and one can feed a family in tough times. In real terms, when 426 acres is at the center of the discussion, it is always about the soil, and how to best use it. Secondarily, beyond the stewardship of the soil as the prime foundational asset of these two preserves, the many places of the riparian water shoreline, and the large contiguous habitat pond (when the beavers are thwarting endeavors of Man, see map of current status.) is a spectacular community asset demanding to be well utilized while passionately preserved.

Map of all tracts currently for sale: Below.     map prepared by Stan Deatherage     Click image to expand.

Co-brokerage for the entire tract or multiple individual tracts in a one sale scenario is 3% of sales price to the brokerage representing the sales side of the conveyance. Co-brokerage for the individual lots is 5% of sales price to the brokerage representing the sales side of the conveyance.

Contact Information Below:

Stan Deatherage,    broker #82765

106 Beechtree Street
Washington, NC 27889

Business: (252) 946-2361  •  Cell: (252) 944-3905  •  email: stan@beaufortcountynow.com  •  stan@deatherageandassociates.com

The owner of this property is Stan Deatherage, who is a real estate broker - the broker-in-charge of Deatherage and Associates - intends to market this property in whole or in part.

Commercial Corner for Sale, in Whole, or in Part Listings For Sale, Properties The Last Commercial Corner in the Center of Washington, NC

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